DVLP Property Group

Current Project:
Glendor Towns, in the heart of Burlington.
Status: Pre-Sales


With 40+ years of combined experience, three good guys have come together to build great communities. They have extensive backgrounds in construction, real estate sales, development and finance. DVLP Property Group is excited to create innovative and connected communities. At DVLP Property Group, we build properties that not only feel like home, but connect you to the city you love. Being connected is something achieve in close proximity to transit, nature and local businesses that inspire relationships that last. Our strategic use of our core philosophies allows us to create communities that compliment and enrich the lives of our homeowners. We are genuinely committed to the success and quality of each home we build. Our involvement in every aspect of a project ensures the highest standards of quality control along the way. The Glendor Towns is our latest project connecting you to the all the things you love.

Working across North America and globally for over three decades, Chamberlain has been dedicated to improving means, methods and processes for successful realization of great environments. We focus on creating and sustaining value for your investments. Every project we design and construct comes with the research and experience of our expert team who are dedicated to solving your unique challenges. Pioneers in the use of Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), Leaders in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and Building Information Modelling (BIM), we utilize the latest technology and processes available to create cutting edge, sustainable and relevant solutions for your needs. Chamberlain is the Owner’s Advocate, from first sketch to ribbon cutting, integrating design and construction to save time and money while creating the buildings that embody your brand. Augmenting our IPD/LEED/BIM processes with our Quality Management System (QMS) allows us to navigate the complex permitting and approval maze in a timely manner. Our focus is to Listen to your needs, Learn your business and Lead you through the complex and sometimes contradictory world of project realization within an atmosphere of exemplary communication and collaboration.

Wilkinson Founded in 1977 Wilkinson Construction Services has been a trusted builder of residential, commercial, industrial and institutional projects in Central and Western Canada for over 40 years, working in Central Canada, Western Canada and the Canadian Arctic. With an excellent Tarion record for customer service, Wilkinson has successfully completed construction of more than 1,100 townhouse and multi-rise condominium units to date.